About Us

I am just like most all People that have horses. They are part of my family and I love them very much and are a part of my daily life.

We  believe in the Bionic Equine Glove and want to help better the experience of comfort, control and enjoyment that these gloves give to me and my family to others whether for Trail Riding, Dressage, Polo, Jumping, and Endurance, Hunt Seat, Rodeo or any other riding discipline.  The Equine Gloves are specifically designed with the equine rider in mind.

As riders get older and have arthritis as I do, you can still ride with a firm grip and continue to ride with comfort.

I hope that you will give us a try, read our blog, tell us what you think; and if you get the feel, comfort and connection to your horses as we do; please let your friends know.

Good riding to you all,

Technology Products Inc.

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