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 Scientific design based on anatomy of human hand Bionic Equestrian Gloves go way beyond comfort and protection. That’s because they were designed by one of America’s leading orthopedic hand surgeons, a physician who has devoted his life to the care, surgical repair and nurturing of the human hand. His scientific design is based on two things: (A) the anatomy of the hand and (B) the specialized needs of equestrians. In effect, the doctor’s unique design gives your hands a “second skin” – a second skin that actually improves dexterity and dramatically reduces hand fatigue.

5 reasons why calling these new gloves “revolutionary” is an understatement 1 Only a hand surgeon would know how to place anatomical relief pads so they reduce hand fatigue and calluses – and also improve control, flexibility and grip. 2 Strategic padding between the thumb and index finger – combined with the palm padding – helps you feel and control the reins without squeezing the reins. The padding on the outside of the ring finger also helps prevent wear and tear. 3 Motion zones and breathable web zones provide improved comfort, fit and hand flexibility. 4 Pre-rotated fingers, an exclusive ergonomic design, help promote natural hand closure. 5 Top-grade, long-lasting  cabretta leather is  machine washable (air dry). Yet is so supple, you can easily buckle a bridle.

We grew up in horse country Bionic is a division of Hillerich & Bradsby Co., makers of famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats and ball gloves (including Major League Baseball batting gloves). As a Kentucky-based company (since 1884), we share your admiration and appreciation of our equine partners. Bionic also offers customized gloves for golf, gardening, rose gardening, work and driving.